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Get Top-Dollar for Your Stuff

Holding a garage sale and liquidating a house full of possessions for one or two dollars an item, is one of the biggest mistakes prospective movers make. Without knowing the true resale value of your antiques, electronics, collectibles, furniture, and household items, you could potentially be letting thousands of dollars walk out the door.

Our team has been running estate sales since 1998 and we know the true resale value of thousands of items. We price things accurately, facilitate sales with a credit card, advertise, and manage everything from parking to checkout at our sales. We handle everything for you, and take a percentage of the sales when you’re done.

Here’s How to Get Started

Contact Guardian Angels Estate Sales

Reach out to us at 571-285-1101, and schedule an initial consultation. Even if you live outside of the Beltway, give us a call! We’ll set up an appointment to review your stuff and see if your home is a good fit for our services.

Your Work Ends and Ours Begins

A few weeks before the sale, we’ll show up and take pictures of your stuff and upload the pictures to our website, facebook page, and estate sale sites. The word gets out! For some sales, as many as 10,000 people review the pictures of the sales we post.

We’ll Liquidate the Contents of Your Home

In most cases, we can liquidate most of the items in your sale in 2-3 days. We have connections with consignment and antique dealers in the area, and many of them turn out to our shows and buy large chunks of the estate rather quickly. We accept most forms of payments, and when the sale is over, the proceeds are distributed to you after we deduct our fee.

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